General Sales Conditions

1. Introduction

The General Sales Conditions (called “GSC”) below, regulate the contractual relations between the customers e-commerce site (called “Customers”) and Bruno Bruschi Srl - Via Albere ,10 - Verona (Vr) - VAT number IT02655860233 (called below “Seller Part” or “We”) and titled for the e-commerce sites


These GCS are the only ones to being able to be applied and replace all the other conditions, except preliminary exceptions, expressed and written. The Company Bruno Bruschi S.r.l can modify the CGS ; it is advised therefore to the Clients to read the GSC in every visit and/or purchase in (called “the Site”).

Order validation will have value of acceptance of the GSC, without some possible resource.

Approaching the Site, the Clients engage themselves to respect the GSC  and the Conditions of use and/or purchase by the Site.


2. Executing an order

The orders can be placed on website 24/7.

An email will be sent to the Clients in order to confirm the processing of the same one and his execution.


3. Information on Products

Photographies that anticipate the products do not take part of the contractual within and they could not, under no circumstances, be considered responsibility of the company Bruno Bruschi S.r.l. The technical cards and the descriptions of the products are supplied also by the partner and/or suppliers of company Bruno Bruschi Srl, which declines every responsibility with regard to the content of the same ones.


4. Shipping Prices

The shipments are carried out through express courier UPS Express courier and are subject at a cost that follow the table in point 6 of CGS :


For other destinations not included in this list, you will be able to demand information to

As demanding by the laws that regulate the commerce, all the shipments towards foreign countries are accompanied by official invoice that declares the value of single Items in Euro.

The indicated selling prices on Site are expressed in euro and are comprehensive of VAT for country inside European Union. For Sell and Shipment outside the European Union, the prices are Free VAT Art. 8, 8 bis, 9, 71 e 72 del DPR 633/72 and taxes are applied by the destination country. 


The expenses of delivery for the foreign country, are always in charge of  Customers and are invoiced at the end of the order like supplement of the selected products.

We reserves the right to modify the prices of shipment at any moment, but it is engaged in ugual measure to apply the prices indicated on Site at the moment of the order by customers.


5. Availability

All size & quantity availabilities indicated on Site are indicative and they do not represent an obligation under no circumstances by Such availabilities are updated in real time with our real stores every 5 minutes. Based on the time-lapse between the stores and the quantity refresh of the Site, the outage of these could happen. We regret in advance for every size quantity wrong, we are working for best matching the quantity between stores and e-commerce.

The site will afford however to reserve and to pay the article, the client will have to attend a confirmation mail on the effective availability of the ordered size.

In case of effective outage or no reservation, the order will be considered not carried out and the amount paid from the client will be refounded immediately through PayPal, or through bank on the account of the customer. Also the  customers may change model searching  a different item through our site.


6. Delivery


 UPS United Parcel Service is shipment partner . See the table for prices and timing :






Price (vat included)

Delivery time(aprox.)

Italia (Island included)

- Free for order above 100,00 €

-  15,00 € for order below 100,00

 1 - 5 days


Andorra - Germany – France

Austria – Greece - Princ. Monaco

 Espana – Portugal

Netherland – Belgium– Luxemburg 

Finland – Denmark – Sweden



€ 20,00

3 - 5 days**

United Kingdom  – Scotland  – Wales 


€ 20,00

aprox. Gbp. 20,00)

3 - 5 days**

Switzerland – Norway*** – Lichtestein


€ 35,00

(aprox.  Chf.  42,00)

3 - 5 days**

2 - 7 days ***


Croatia - Slovenia -Hungary - Poland - Czech Rep. - Slovakia Rep.


we don't ship to these country at the moment



Bulgaria - Romania - Latvia - Lithuania - Estonia


€ 40,00 3 - 5 days **


United States


not available  ---------




€ 55,00 3 - 5 days **


Russian Federation

(only for Moskow - St. Petersbourg - Novgorod)


€ 45,00

by Poste italiane

7 days **



For shipping not comprised in the above list , please send a e-mail , specified the country of delivery , the town and a post code and we get the best rate we have.

** Delivery times are aproximately and depends on destination country - Order placed on Fridays ,Saturdays and Sundays usually are shipped on Monday.


The first change due to wrong size will be in charge by and free for the customer.


The order will be delivered to the indicated address to the moment of the order. use the services of UPS but will be the possibility to change courier if price-performance-speed will be better in future with other couriers.

Needed times for the delivery can vary from 1 to 7 working days depends on destinations.

The necessary times for delivery indicated on our site are indicatives and are susceptible of modifications. could not be considered in charge of the consequences due to an eventual delay in delivery or to the loss or damaging of the order depending from the courier.


In the event that the order is not delivered in the previews times, can, upon request of Customers, inquire on the reasons of such delay.

During this period (30 days approximately) it will not be possible to proceed to the reimbursement or a new shipment of the order.

Shipment DDU (Delivery Duty Unpaid) is previewed for the Extra Countries EU, is not subject to the payment of the VAT/TVA on the purchased price, while any local taxes in the destination country, remains in charge to the client, included taxes for imports and/or clearance.

As soon as the payment will be authorized (in case of payment by Credit Card with Paypal) or the payement operation materially will be credited to our bank account (in case of payment by bank swift), and the item is available in size and quantity, the orders will be shipped in the shortest time, usually in the 24  next hours.


Our bank, therefore, could contact your bank so that your details are confirmed before being able to proceed to the shipment. This verification could involve a delay of some days (1-2 days) in the shipment of your first order.


What to do at the moment of the delivery :


Verify that the package is in good conditions, above all that our sealing tape is not removed or replaced with other generic sealing tape.

Open the package in front of the courier

Verify that the products is the one you have ordered and that it is not damaged or anomalies relates. If no problems is found, accept the delivery.

In case of damages does not relate, refuse the delivery and give back the package to the courier with the indication of “goods damaged” or “goods not in compliance with order”.

As soon as possible send a e-mail to :, explaining what happened at the delivery.

In case of returned items after to have accepted a right shipment, but with problems of measure and/or other motivations not depending from the courier.

In case of necessity of returned the client will send email to the Customer Service address: describing:


1 - Surname

2 - last name

3 - order number ID.

4 - the motivation of returned products.


After a fast verification, will send an e-mail to the customer with the autorization number to the item restitution following by a module to compile and resend with instructions in order to proceed to the item return within the 24 hours following the delivery always using the same express–courier. 

The retirn of the goods will be carried out directly to the store from which the goods are sent, to check the item by the store.

The products will have to be returned in the original packing, comprehensive guarantee and every other accessory in the received packaging.




Return of delivery is free :


1 - Defective goods starting from our stores - warehouse

2 - For the first size change.


Shipping costs will be charged if :


1- In case of return without motivation within the 10 days.

2 - For another size exchange.

3 - For exchange a product with a different one.


Complementary information could eventually be demanded by Clients in order to validate the purchase definitively.

In order to afford to to contact them in case of necessity, the Clients must indicate:


1 - A working email address

2 - A mobile / home / office telephone for a contact / delivery information


These measures are adopted in order protect the transactions from eventual swindles to the detriment of the same Clients.


7 . Payements puts on hands of own customers the following possibilities of payment :


PayPal : (the client who will choose this type of payment will be directed on the secure gateway of PayPal. The information financial institutions will come collections from PayPal without or third party can in some way have access to your credit card account and data. Such information, moreover, will  never be re-use if not in order to emit reimbursements in case of eventual item restitution).


Bank Transfer (if this method of payment is selected, the item will be shipped only when we 'll receive the payment to our bank account) Please allow from 4 - 7 days to receive the payment.

Bank account :



Ag. Corso Porta Nuova , 65 - 37122 Verona


IBAN : IT 29 P 06045 11703  00000 5002633 

Swift : CRBZIT2B



8 . Right of withdraw . Money back guarantee


For any reason the Client were not satisfied of own purchase, the worn articles cannot be given back for change cut, store credit or reimbursement within 15 days from the shipment date.


Instructions for the item restitution one:

In order to demand the authorization to the item restitution one, the Client must send a question to the email : within 5 days from the reception of the order :


In the email you must specify the References number of the articles that agree to give back and the wished compensation must be specific: change size, or partial reimbursement.


Once receipt the demand for item restitution, will send to the Client a confirmation written through e-mail, containing the Number of Authorization item restitution (N.A.R.) and a module in pdf to print with all the data of item restitution preprinted to apply to the original package.

The restitution must be carried out exclusively with UPS Courier, will not be accepted item restitution from other couriers.


In the modality of returned carried out for change in size, the shipment of re-enter will be FREE.


A single free change is previewed goods for every returned authorized.


The Store Credit:


Can be used a single time within 3 months from the moment of the item restitution one - it cannot be accumulated with other Store Credit

Must be used entire in an order of equal or more value.


In the modality of returned items for reimbursement for no reason, the shipment of re-enter will be at the expense of the Client. The cost of the shipment of I re-enter is of euro € 25,00 (# twentyfive euro #) that they will be deducted by the rembursement due to the client.


The refound will be visible on bank statement PAYPAL immediately after the verification of the goods item restitution or on credit card of the Client after a minimum of 30 days from the reimbursement (depends on the bank times).


Such times can vary slightly based on the bank circuit of the used credit card. The restitution of the goods must reach near the address indicated in the authorization mail for returned Items.


    9. Terms and Conditions

The present wire of security on the articles that are given back, does not have to be neither cut or broken. The wears and footwears do not have to be worn, washed or altered and they do not have to above all introduce no sign of use under the soles.

Every wear must be given back comprehensive of all the tags, confection and accessories originals (Box, Dustbags, Forms, etc.) received along with the order.

All the footwear and accessories must be given back along with their box original and internal flimsy paper that is considered in all respects integrating part of the same products, neither used, damaged and/or in altered way as only external packing.

For the item restitution, Clients must re-use the same external cardboard in which will be re-inserted the box of the footwear, that it has already a standard measure for the shipment.

In the event that the Client receives goods defective, or errors in shipments from happens, is demanded to follow the same above-referenced instructions. reserves the right to demand photographic checks before authorizing item restitution for goods defective and to make oneself loaded with the shipping costs for I re-enter of the goods near own stores.

The objects acquired and waiting for right confirm of item restitution, for some reason will not have to be used before being resent.  The item restitution of such articles will be refused and resending the Clients if wears or footwear introduces minimal signs of use. All the given back heads are subordinates to inspection from and must respect all the parameters listed in the procedure of returned goods. reserves the right to establish debits pairs to 15% of the value of the goods given back in the cases in which the item restitution one it is not in compliance with all the terms and conditions previewed from our returned. reserves the right to refuse item restitution not authorized or sent with couriers various from UPS.

The acceptance of such returned involves however I debit pairs to 15% of the value of the goods given back.


ATTENTION: the containing package the item restitution travels to Your risk and danger and therefore, cannot be considered responsible for eventual losses, damagings for bad packing, delay in the delivery of the item restitution near our warehouses.

10. Controversies and responsibility

GSC are regulated by the Italian laws. For all the controversies turning out from the interpretation and/or the execution of these GSC the court of Verona will be competent. Bruno Bruschi Srl could not be considered responsible in case not conclusion of the contract for causes of act of God, of perturbations or strikes partial totals or of the postal services private publics or / and expenses that could be caused from the purchase of products on the Site.

The impossibility total to use the tidy products, because of incompatibily of particularly material, could not be reason of reimbursement or compensation or call in cause of the responsibilities of Bruno Bruschi Srl.

The web links present on the Site can send back the Clients towards of the external sites.  Bruno Bruschi Srl is not in charge of the saying content sites, also if the same ones do not respect the prescribed provisions of a law and in vigor.

Although the sold produced ones on our site are compatible with use professional, Bruno Bruschi Srl could not be considered in charge of the prejudgments turning out from uses professional of the aforesaid ones producing.

In the cases in which the responsibility of Bruno Bruschi Srl it can be tried, it always and however will be limited to the value of the order.